Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon reminded policyholders affected by Hurricane Laura and who may be affected by Hurricane Delta that the single season named storm hurricane deductible law prohibits a homeowner from paying more than one named-storm/hurricane deductible in the same hurricane season. 

If a policyholder has already filed a claim for hurricane damage during the 2020 season and met their named-storm/hurricane deductible, they will not have to pay that named-storm/hurricane deductible again if their home sustains damage from Hurricane Delta or any other storm this season. If any previous claims for named-storm/hurricane damage fell below the named-storm/hurricane deductible, the remainder of that deductible will apply to the second storm if the remainder is greater than the standard policy deductible.

After Hurricane Gustav struck Louisiana in 2008 and Hurricane Ike threatened the same area, Donelon worked to protect consumers from the burden of having to pay two named-storm or hurricane deductibles in one season.

In 2009, the Legislature enacted the single-season named-storm/hurricane deductible law to limit policyholders’ exposure.